Drawn to the landscape of Australia’s south west, large format landscape photographer Alex Bond has been practising professionally since 1989.

He uses a 4×5 wooden field camera and conventional black and white and colour transparency films. All his films, including the E-6 colour are processed in his traditional wet darkroom.

Alex believes his direct involvement with the materials and the techniques used in film based photography and traditional wet darkroom printing  are an essential ingredient in making an expressive print.

He has traveled to many West Australian national parks, creating images for publishing houses as well for his own product line of postcards, calendars, books and posters. Alex Bond publishes under the imprint of Stormlight Publishing and has been the recipient of both State and National awards for excellence in print. He has received several international award nominations.

The Making of Photographs

Tracks Donnelly River south coast Pemberton Australia
D’Entreacasteaux National Park Tracks Donnelly River south coast Pemberton Australia was made at sunset. When you head south from Manjimup Read more.
Bull Creek tree ferns
Bull Creek tree ferns Cradle Mountain Valley
Bull Creek tree ferns is an image I am yet to print. It was made in 1988 on a friend’s Read more.
Funemployed Justin Heazlewood
Funemployed Justin Heazlewood
I recently read Funemployed by Justin Heazlewood, a book written about the realities of earning a living as a fulltime Read more.
Canning River Photos Silver Gelatin Print Exhibition
Canning River Photos Silver Gelatin Print Exhibition Heathcote Gallery Perth “Dissociation” is an exhibition of Canning River Photos. It continues Read more.
Fire aftermath Canning River Regional Park Perth
Links Suppliers Resources Film Based Photography
I started to think about some of the more common technical questions I get asked about film development and printing Read more.
split grade printing fibre based paper
Split grade printing on fibre based paper
This is the last in a series of three posts exploring a single, high contrast image, with the goal of Read more.
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Australia
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is perched at the very tip of a rocky peninsula that pokes out like a little finger Read more.
contact proof print 2015
Contact Proof Prints | Standard Exposure Time
In this post I will be looking at establishing a standard exposure time for making your contact prints. This is Read more.
Overdeveloped negatives | printing from difficult negatives
Overdeveloped negatives | printing from difficult negatives
Overdeveloped negatives, we all have them hidden away somewhere. You know, one of those bullet proof negatives that we look Read more.

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  1. Hi, I am interested in a photography course, especially the darkroom part. However, I’d like to use my own camera, which is an Olympus OM2N film camera. Would you allow a student to use this kind of camera? Would you have a course that caters for that? Ideally I want a course that will help me to understand my camera better and use it better, as well as the possibility of developing my own photos.

    1. Hello Nadja, using your Olympus OM2n is fine. I offer weekend workshops, usually over 2 days, one learning about the camera and photographing, the other developing and printing what you photographed the day before.

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