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Animal tracks Donnelly River south coast Pemberton Australia

Animal tracks Donnelly River
Animal tracks late evening

Animal tracks Donnelly River south coast Pemberton Australia. If possible I like to spend a bit of time in a location so that I can observe it at different times of the day and under different weather conditions. Several days and nights spent on the remote south coast near Pemberton gave me a chance to explore a section of coastline. Sections of the coast are lined by limestone cliffs and just behind the sand dunes are wetlands, sedges and paperbarks. Beyond the paperbarks the landscape becomes drier and an ancient marri forest extends inland towards the rich loams that support the karri forest. These landscape transitions between beach, fresh water, sedges, wetlands and forests provide a rich ecosystem through which a variety of animals move. Early morning and late evening are good times to observe that movement as the animal tracks become visible.

The almost pure white sand takes on the pink sunset colours reflected off clouds above. The sun’s low rays accentuating the sand’s wind swept pattern cutting diagonally across the animal tracks.

Velvia 120 roll film in a 6x12cm back and my wooden 4×5 field camera.

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