Wave Rock Australia
Exfoliating granite slab 16x20in silver gelatin More Info

Australian black and white landscape photographer Alex Bond  hand prints his fibre based silver gelatin prints. Using a wooden field camera and sheet film, Alex Bond  continues his traditional darkroom  practice. 

I go for long walks in the bush or along the coast with my wooden field camera, taking a few sheets of film, a tripod and sometimes a tent and food.  I like to take my time to absorb the environment, to rediscover and to reconnect.

My direct involvement with the materials and technique for making an expressive photographic print is of importance to me.  I continue my darkroom practice, developing my colour and black and white films and hand printing all my black and white silver gelatin prints.  Sharing these rare film and darkroom skills in small workshop groups has made me appreciate even more how important the principles  of knowing your materials are in a world dominated by digital technology.”

Since 1989 his colour work has been published under his imprint Stormlight Publishing. Providing freelance photography and stock images for magazines and books, Alex has also photographed and produced specialised publications for Stormlight Publishing. These have included award winning cards, calendars, posters and books.   His style has been crafted over two decades of large format film photography and his passion for hiking and the outdoors.

Australian black and white landscape photographer Alex Bond

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