black and white photography stand development
Bannister Creek Perth, hand printed gelatin silver 16x20in

Alex Bond works with black and white photography using a large format wooden field camera. He uses film and traditional darkroom techniques to create his silver gelatin prints.

Since 1989 Alex has published his colour landscape photographs under the imprint Stormlight Publishing.  Over a 25 year period he has produced award winning cards, calendars, posters and books of regional locations and national parks.

His style has been crafted over two decades of large format film photography and his passion for hiking and the outdoors.

Alex is based in Perth Western Australia and shares his knowledge of black and white photography and darkroom techniques in small workshops and individual tuition.

His recent black and white photographic images explore the everyday and sometimes forgotten landscapes  found within the transition zones between remnant bush lands and the urban environment. 

Alex's photographic exhibitions offer the rare opportunity to view and appreciate the West Australian landscape expressed in traditional hand printed black and white photography.